I am?

I am an Italian doctor born in a small town not far from Venice, Bassano del Grappa. I spent my adolescence in the industrious north-east of Italy but remaining fortunately always in contact with a bucolic environment.
Dr Viola Zulian
Who I am Dr Viola Zulian
Why medicine? Dr Viola Zulian

Why medicine?

I chose to study medicine after reading “The City of Joy” by Dominique Lapierre, at the age of 15. My spirit told me that this was the best way to help others and especially the neediest people.

Why general surgery?

During my first year of medicine, I did an internship in the operating room and followed a vascular surgeon for a day. For a freshman as I was, that day was overwhelming. His hands seemed miraculous, endowed with magical power, the pragmatic way in which he healed people attracted me incredibly. That day I realized that the sterile environment of the operating room suited my vision of “saving the world”.

Why then did the nutrition come?

During my training as a surgeon I arrived in a European reference center for bariatric surgery in Brussels (Hopital Saint Pierre) and the management of weight problems has interested me more and more. I therefore decided to change my address because I realized that even a bariatric surgery can have a high percentage of failure if there is not the help and support of a good nutritionist doctor. I must be honest and say that this change was also dictated by my being a mother: my priority has been and still is, to find the time to grow up my children; I loved the 10 years that I spent in surgery to madness and I dedicated them myself body and soul, during the nights, the guards, weekends and Christmas, but now, my family comes first.
Nutrition and health Dr Viola Zulian
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