The force into your cell

Every heart works thanks to two hemodynamic forces: the vis (force) a tergo, pushes the blood towards the heart, and the vis a fronte, that is the force that the heart must impress on the blood so that it can reach every single little capillary of our body.

I like to think that there is a third force that comes from every single little cell in our body. Each of them faithfully participates in the functioning of this wonderful machine that is the human body. And every single atom that composes them, even though it is so small, can be powerful: for this we must take care of it. Perhaps not everyone knows that we are composed entirely of proteins, membranes and liquids made from what we ate. When A. Brillat-Savarin used to say “Tell me what you eat, I’ll tell you what you are”, he had already guessed everything without even having a microscope. Basically if our food choices provide healthy and nutritious foods, every cell in our body will do its duty as a laborious obedient bee trying to perform every function in an integral, alive and resounding way: this is the meaning of vegetus, from which I drew the name for the site.

The Force Dr Viola Zulian
My cellulocentric theory may be incomprehensible to many, but everyone can understand that if a house is built with quality materials, surely its life will be more lasting and it will live better inside it. I firmly believe that every aspect of our life is linked to nutrition, not only the most tangible of health but also our psyche, our behavior and our fears, every attitude is regulated by the presence of neurotransmitters that are once again synthesized to starting from what we ate
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Dr Viola Zulian to the computer

Our era is facing an epidemic of NCD’s (Non Communicable diseases) or chronic diseases such as ischemic heart disease, diabetes typo 2, strokes, which are defined by a set of related causes but not completely responsible for the disease. Genetic, environmental, nutritional and economic factors contribute to the onset of a devastating epidemic of deaths: according to the World Health Organization, about 32 million people die each year from a negative combination of malnutrition, inadequate physical activity, lack of sleep, difficult management of stress and environmental pollutants1. You will understand therefore that as a doctor, one can not remain impassive to this situation that without too many hyperboles will lead to the extinction of the species.

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The problem derives in part from the medical establishement itself because most of the scientific world ignores the relationship between food and disease and is strongly convinced that there is a drug for every problem; in English it is said “a pill for every ill”. I believe that not only as a doctor but above all as a mother and a human being, it is the mandate to fight to spread preventive medicine aimed at educating the population and forming the medical body. The responsibility for nutritional choices is divided for every human being. For this reason I decided to share with great humility, my scientific knowledge in this blog, because maybe today you ate anarchic and unbalanced but maybe tomorrow for breakfast you will take a porridge with fresh fruit and then already for this single, seemingly insignificant meal, your health will begin to benefit from it and I will have reached a goal that I love: taking care of my neighbor and helping him live a life that is whole, alive and resounding.

With gratitude,
Dr Viola

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