Mindful eating Dr Viola Zulian

Mindful eating

Why eat in full consciousness

In our contemporary society, it has become commonplace to be in front of a television, a screen, a telephone, and to do something else: usually it is at least about eating something, sometimes more dangerously driving a car.

What most people ignore is that we do not eat only for an energetic need (energy theory) but we also eat for a hedonistic need. In other words, the contact of food with our palate and our tongue triggers a pleasure reaction. The sublimation of this concept is expressed by Proust in his work “La recherche du temps perdu” when he says: “Ce goût celui du petit morceau de madeleine que le dimanche matin à Combray (parce que ce jour-la je ne sortis pas avant l ‘heure de la messe), quand j’allais him to say bonjour dans sa chambre, but so many Léonie m’offrait après l’avoir trempé dans son infusion de thé ou de tilleul. La vue de la petite madeleine ne m’avait rien rappelé avant que je n’y eusse goûté».

Newborn children have their sensory derivations overdeveloped in the mouth, we could call it a primordial brain; this part of our body is therefore the organ delegated not only to distinguish the quality, temperature and composition of our food but also and above all a sentinel of pleasure.

The French philosopher Michel Focault, in his work Histoires des sexualites, claims that the human species to continue to reproduce, must to satisfied three types of pleasure: the pleasure of drinking, the pleasure of sex and the pleasure of food.
It is therefore essential that this message of pleasure be perceived and processed.

But how to stay awakened from a proprioceptive point of view if we deal with ten other activities?
The key to the problem is to bring attention to ourselves, our needs, our emotions and move away from this mental anesthesia that modern society is giving us. So turn off the televisions, away from the sources of stress and put the phones in airplane mode: when you make love, can you watch a TV series or post an image on social media?

Well eating is the same thing as making love, we feed our body of energy and pleasure.

With gratitude,