Mindful eating in 5 points Dr Viola Zulian

Mindful eating in 5 points


As mentioned in my previous post, MIND-EATNESS: eating carefully, a basic need of the human body is to take pleasure at the time of the meal in order to satisfy our primordial needs. But how can we do it today when we are bombarded with a thousand stimuli that take us in every direction except that of the inner awareness?
I have tried to summarize here, in some points, the basic steps to refer to eating consciously. Do not judge if you can not immediately put them into practice constantly, the human body requires 66 days to change a habit, let alone then how long it will take to change a bad habit!


The first thing to do is start the meal by bringing attention to us. Remember that by feeding youself, you build yourself. Put your hands on your stomach, close your eyes and take two deep breaths. As you inhale, swell the belly and feel that it moves under your hands. Exhale the air from your nose and if you want, express gratitude.


It’s not just a question of etiquette, but I invite you to eat with the two cutlery to relearn how to make morsels that you can savor in a proper manner once in the mouth. Place it on the plate between bites.


Sometimes the pangs of hunger or the gluttony itself, cause us to eat quickly as if the rapidity induced an equally satisfying need. Too often we swallow the food making only a short passage in the mouth, forgetting that the first enzymatic digestion of the food takes place in the mouth. Let’s prevent ourselves from swallowing immediately.


As already mentioned in the post MIND-EATNESS: eating carefully, the mouth is an organ of pleasure: in fact, the tongue is equipped with receptors of taste and pleasure. But these receptors are not fortune tellers and must remain in contact with food long enough to transmit the message. So we leave the mouthful in the mouth and learn to chew, at least 10 times, 20 better, especially if we have done a bariatric surgery.
I like to evoke the image of the sommelier who holds the wine in his mouth for quite some time making him take some steps to describe the organoleptic properties of the Bacchus drink.


It is true, nowadays it seems to be an alien if you eat alone and only without looking at the phone by consulting the last post. But unfortunately the difference is the awareness: so we turn off all electronic devices. Making the first steps towards this way of eating more present, I invite not to eat in company.
Especially in our country, where the convivial aspect of food is primordial, I think it is of paramount importance, first of all to get used to eating and then to converse.

With gratitude,