How to improve your nutrition, My 10 steps


Return to integrity: look for foods, vegetables and cereals that are more like how they are born. Refining processes destroy what nature has done in a perfect and complete way, to comply with strict market rules. Refined foods and the addition of hydrogenated fats make food more palatable, but they are poor in all nutritional intake, causing only an accumulation of fat.


Move naturally: comfort is making us a population of poltrons that eat 3 times more than our ancestors and will die before them, despite the giant strides of science. “Sitting is the new smoking”. Forget the shortcuts and take every single opportunity to move the bottom: the stairs instead of the elevator, the walk instead of a bulimic half an hour of social media, park the car more distant than the destination, get off at the penultimate stop public compared to the goal, do squat or bending while you wait for the water to bubble rather than check the latest boring e-mail, do the housework instead of delegate, keep it clean and tidy (you will have to bend and move continuously), do 2 steps at a time when you go up the stairs (you will strengthen the buttocks and stretch the pelvic tendons).


Choose the color: perhaps you do not know that the change in color in one food compared to another depends on its organoleptic qualities and its components. So when you’re preparing your bowl, remember to put some kind of it so you’ll be sure not to forget important vitamins. Red is the color of pleasure, if you are on the path to change your food style, invest in a red plate and let the brain take all the pleasure!

Viola lights a candle Dr Viola Zulian
Pumpkin orange Dr Viola Zulian
Seeds in a jar Dr Viola Zulian

Organize meals: I know, we live in a society that requires us to be in continuous business without interruption. So when it comes to choosing what to eat I often hear “I choose something fast”. The problem is that nothing fast can be healthy if it has not been prepared with great care. We are composed entirely of cells that are made up of foods that we ingested. So it is good to organize in advance and prepare a few simple things that will allow us to satisfy our energy needs and our pleasure. Prepare some snacks in your bag, a handful of dried fruit, some already cut fruit, the bottle of water: I would avoid yielding to temptation when hunger pangs come.


Eat regularly: skip meals and eating in an anarchic manner can be strongly disorienting to our hormonal system that at some point will no longer understand when it is time to burn fat, when it will be time to sleep or when it will be time to go to the bathroom. Try to listen to your food sensations, but if you are at the beginning of the transition it will probably be the case that you start by forcing yourself to have breakfast.


Fibers, fibers and more fibers: choose foods rich in the latter so you will have an immediate effect on satiety (recall more water at the time of digestion and then fill the stomach and intestines first) and also make the evacuation easier (the one coming out so we learn from the beginning that some “topics” need to be discussed).


Stay hydrated: the human body contains between 50 and 60% of water depending on the gender, sometimes the signs of thirst remain subtle and misunderstood (i.e. fatigue, irritability and hunger). So we take the habit of bringing a water bottle, a thermos of herbal tea or a smoothie handy.

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Live the present moment: we also nourish ourselves to satisfy a hedonistic hunger-of pleasure, so when we decide to eat, let’s do it with all our participation and conscience, savor every single bite, let’s slowly chew it and do not let ourselves be distracted by television, computer or social media. Nourishing ourselves, we build ourselves: let’s devote ourselves a little attention!


Be natural: avoid all that is packaged and already processed, as mentioned in point 1 do not fall into the trap of the food industry that makes good food that are built in the laboratory. The same applies to everything that comes into contact with our body, from soaps to beauty products through detergents. The skin and lungs absorb all that we put them in contact with and then the liver is confronted with highly dangerous chemical toxins. The endocrine disruptors seem to be the new ones responsible for obesity: stay away from miraculous cleansers and tropical perfumes: learn to pack the products you need with just a few simple ingredients.


What you know, teach it to others: by reading this humble handbook, you have learned about some simple things that can improve your health. Do not be selfish and choose to share the information you have learned with your loved ones to make sure that day after day we can eradicate this new global epidemic called obesity.

In the US it says “vote with your dollar”, applies sustainable and natural choices every day and the market will have to adapt looking for healthier solutions that will once again be for your benefit.