My recipe: a delight of almond butter Cashew, nut and almond butter … these terms have become increasingly common and, thankfully, increasingly used as an alternative to the usual fatty substances such as butter and margarine. The term butter comes from the

The recipe with dates and cashews Energy balls with cashews It often happens that hunger welcomes us because there is a peckish or because we mistakenly skipped a meal. My advice is to always have something at hand to avoid falling into

My Recipe (gluten-free) The recipe for these biscuits was a real revelation for me. By definition, shortbread contains eggs and butter; often when trying to make lighter versions of the latter, the price to pay is the crunchiness. In this version rich

My recipe (plant-based) This recipe was born as often happens, by chance. In fact, autumn is my favorite season and of corse Its colors and its fruits. Pumpkin is constantly present in our house (this year also in the garden!). So I