Cooking genuine dishes, choosing healthy and inviting snacks is much simpler if you do the GROCERY carefully choosing what you want to put into your  pantry. In this article, I present the essentials for a plant-based diet but also for an omnivorous diet. Each of

friend or enemy? Obesity is a chronic disease that is spreading like wildfire. From an epidemiological point of view, it is estimated that over 600 million people are affected and that in 2030 about 70% of the world’s population will be interested. There are many

It was 2005. The hugely popular Oprah Winfrey, on her equally famous talk show, invited the famous American dermatologist Dr Nicholas Perricone. In his interwiev, he began to talk about his superfoods and the best antiaging. In the first place

TWO PARTS OF A STOMACH FOR THE DOCTOR An ancient Japanese proverb reads “Eight parts of a stomach support a man, the remaining two support his doctor.” Given my work, I could not agree more than that, 100%. Thank goodness, today, we must

My generation is the daughter of post-war children. Our parents experienced famine and poverty. Hunger was customary and frugality was not a lifestyle. This meant that we grew up with the obligation to finish our meal before getting up from the table. There

Why eat in full consciousness In our contemporary society, it has become commonplace to be in front of a television, a screen, a telephone, and to do something else: usually it is at least about eating something, sometimes more dangerously driving